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In the Beginning

Welcome to my very first blog post for this site! By way of introduction, let me tell you about my little bookstore and coffee bar.

Second Look Books & Brews opened in August of 2019 (although our official Grand Opening will be November 30th), but it really got its start many years ago when my mom mentioned that she would like to open a bookstore. Books were always a large part of our lives growing up. My mom home schooled me and my brothers all the way through high school, and a major part of our education involved reading, both on our own and books that mom read to us.

I was a voracious reader growing up, reading well over 3000 pages one summer (I remember this because my parents agreed to pay us a penny a page that we read during that summer. They cut me off at $30.00). I still love to read although real life has gotten in the way I'm not able to go through books quite as quickly as I once did. Although maybe that will change now that my job involves books!

Anyways, Second Look began as a dream of my mom's, and I got on board but only under the condition that we have a coffee bar as well. I'm a big coffee fan and a big coffee shop fan in particular. Combining books and coffee just seemed to make sense. And so, Second Look Books & Brews was born. It took some time to come together, a little over a year from the time we really started to get serious about opening a store to the time when we were actually up and running 100%.

We have used books in all different genres and age ranges, fiction and non-fiction and we are adding more almost daily. We inventory all of our books, so if there is one you are looking for in particular feel free to ask if we have it and we'll let you know! If we don't, we'll keep our eyes open for it.

Our coffee is locally roasted, and the beans are all fair trade and organic. We offer a variety of specialty coffee drinks as well as teas and smoothies. Check out our menu on the web page to see what we have, and keep an eye on our Facebook page for seasonal offerings.

In future posts I hope to share some behind the scenes looks at the work that went into being up and running. I'd also like to make this a Book Blog. I hope to read and review books as well, and would love to feature any reviews our customers may want to share as well, so let me know if you have a book you'd like to see featured.

Come by and see us here in Lodi, or say hi here at the blog and keep touch over the world wide web! We look forward to hearing from you and are excited to start this exciting new adventure!

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